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ArcMap does not detect actual conflicts

Question asked by malkmes.craig on Oct 30, 2015
Latest reply on Oct 30, 2015 by malkmes.craig

Hey folks,


I'm attempting to reconcile an EDIT version with the DEFAULT version. Using Version Changes from the Versioning toolbar, I can see that there are 72 changes/differences/edits between the versions. However, when I enter an Edit session and click Reconcile, I'm given no option to review the conflicts. I'd very much like to manually reject/accept the edits using the Identify Conflicts window that typically pops up during the reconcile process before I post my edits.


I've tried all combinations of options in the reconcile tool with same results.


What is going wrong? Why are these obvious differences not being flagged as conflicts by ArcMap? Does it not recognize that they are the same features that have been changed?


Any ideas are greatly appreciated. It has to be something simple - like the way a clearing of a cache would work, or something like that. We're running ArcGIS 10.3 with a 10.0 geodatabase on SQL Server.