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ArcGIS Runtime SDK for .NET Printing Military Message Layers

Question asked by pdiddyau on Oct 29, 2015

We have setup printing feature based on the Client Print Sample provided on GitHub. Everything is working except for the Military Message Layers not being displayed.


I am trying to get the most basic sample together with the print sample to display a 2525C symbol on the print preview, but I cannot get anything to work. If I try and programmatically add a message layer to the the print sample it throws an InvalidOperationException

"The Message could not be processed. MessageLayer must have been successfully loaded into a View (Map or Scene) before calling ProcessMessage."


Hack to ClientPrinting.xaml.cs sample:

if (PrintMapView.Extent == null)
    PrintMapView.MaximumExtent = BaseMapView.MaximumExtent;
    PrintMapView.MaxScale = BaseMapView.MaxScale;
    PrintMapView.MinScale = BaseMapView.MinScale;
    PrintMapView.WrapAround = BaseMapView.WrapAround;
    PrintMapView.Map = BaseMapView.Map;

    await PrintMapView.LayersLoadedAsync();
    // create a dictionary to hold message properties
    var messageProps = new Dictionary<string, string>();

    // define message properties (property name, value)
    messageProps.Add("_type", "position_report");
    messageProps.Add("_action", "update");
    messageProps.Add("_id", "e0ba16ac-cddd-4595-845e-32ca4177d080");
    messageProps.Add("_control_points", "-117.187,32.770;-117.191,32.725;-117.097,32.653;-116.944,32.610");
    messageProps.Add("_wkid", "4326");
    messageProps.Add("sic", "GFGPOAO-------X");
    messageProps.Add("uniquedesignation", "IGLOO");

    // create the message using the properties
    var message = new Esri.ArcGISRuntime.Symbology.Specialized.Message(messageProps);

    // get the message layer from the map
    var messageLayer = new MessageLayer(SymbolDictionaryType.Mil2525c)
        ID = "MyMessageLayer"

    // make sure it's loaded before using it
    await PrintMapView.LayersLoadedAsync(new[] {messageLayer});
    // call ProcessMessage on the layer
    bool success = messageLayer.ProcessMessage(message);
    if (!success)
        Trace.WriteLine("Failed to process message.");


Has anyone managed to print a map with military symbols on it?


Note that I am testing this against version 10.2.6