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ArcGIS 10.2.2 Mosaic Dataset -- Overviews not generated/do not display

Question asked by p_griffith on Oct 29, 2015
Latest reply on Nov 2, 2015 by p_griffith

I'm having trouble building a mosaic dataset with a particular set of preprocessed MrSID images.

When I add rasters to a freshly created mosaic dataset, built with the same projection as that of the imagery, I get the following:

You can see that the footprints appear to have been added correctly, but something is clearly wrong with the boundary.

This is because some preprocessed images within the mosaic have been correctly aligned, while others have not. This is a fault of the imagery, not the mosaic dataset. You can see the gaps in the image below on the left; they're smaller than a single pixel in one of the images, so when you zoom out they are invisible, but when the footprints and boundary are built they stand out like a sore thumb.



I believe this is causing an issue when generating overviews: after rebuilding footprints and the boundary, then recalculating item visibility and defining and building overviews (all with the default settings), this is the result:



Only 5 overviews are generated at a scale that is visible when zoomed to the extent of the dataset (the attribute table in the image has been sorted by descending MinPS value). Overviews are built at the lower levels in the "empty" sections of the mosaic, but their MaxPS values are such that they won't display at this scale. The levels layer is below. You can see that level 2 contains the overviews that appear at full extent.



After analyzing the dataset, these are the pertinent errors/warnings:

Error 70124: the SHAPE field of the mosaic dataset contains invalid geometry

Warning 71118: the boundary has too many vertices

Warning 71119: the footprint contains too many vertices


Repairing the geometry takes care of error 70124, while rebuilding the boundary using the Envelope simplification method solves warning 71118.

However, after synchronizing the mosaic dataset to fix warning 71119, error 70124 reappears.

Rebuilding overviews after taking any one of these steps does not result in a change in the number or display of any of the overviews.


I'm really not sure how to proceed. Are there settings I can change to modify how the footprints are created? Has anyone else run into this sort of thing? If so, how did you deal with it?

Thanks for the help!