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Draw Toolbar right-click mid draw

Question asked by processing... on Oct 30, 2015
Latest reply on Jan 19, 2016 by processing...

In 3.14, if you select a polygon that doesn't require a double click to complete (triangle, rectangle, circle, etc), start drawing the shape, right-click before you let go of the left mouse button, and keep drawing, you get two shapes displaying on the map.


What's going on with this? Is there a fix for this?


Repro steps:

1. Go here Maps Toolbar

2. Select 'Triangle'

3. Mouse-over map

4. Left click to start drawing

5. Drag mouse to make a triangle

6. Right-click and drag (note: do not lift off of the left mouse button)

7. Drag mouse across map to continue drawing

8. Let go of both mouse buttons (in any order, or same time)

9. Note the red outlined triangle and the black outlined triangle


- When you first right-click, you see a line

- If you don't drag across the map in step 7, you'll have 2 triangles on top of each other


Tim Witt, if you don't mind taking a look. This looks to be your wheelhouse after I saw the Advanced Draw Tool. Any thoughts on this?


Thank you,