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TopoToRaster takes too long in ArcGISServer. Why?

Question asked by matoretta on Oct 29, 2015
Latest reply on Oct 29, 2015 by matoretta

Hi I have code as you can see below. In ArcGIS Desktop run about 1 sec, but in ArcGISServer about 40 sec. Do anybody know where can be a problem? Thanks a lot. Martin.


        pMask =  "in_memory\\oblastx"

        trsPolyline =  "in_memory\\polyline"

        inBoundary = TopoBoundary([pMask ])

        inContours = TopoContour([[trsPolyline, 'HPlus']])

        inFeatures = ([inContours,inBoundary])


        rRast = TopoToRaster(inFeatures,20,pMask ,20,80,3000,"NO_ENFORCE","CONTOUR",40,0,0.5,0,"#","#","#","#","#","#")