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Export list of ArcGIS Online members?

Question asked by ykthso on Oct 29, 2015
Latest reply on Oct 29, 2015 by GISGPSMan


Is it possible to export a complete list to Excel or csv-file of all members of my organisation and/or a single group?

I need a table with at least these 3 fields: Name, Username and Email (and if possible these 3 too: Latest login date, Status and Role) for all my 81 current members.

In the actual situation I just want to be able to send them all an email in case of system failure or news from the administrator (me) by creating a contact list in MS Outlook. But I imagine there could be many other objects of such a solution.

Alternatively mass communication like this could be a build in feature directly in AGOL. As ex. "Send message to all" and "Send message to group" on the My organization tab so that ArcGIS will distribute my message to the desired users.