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Setting PositionSource to active crashes app on Panasonic ToughBook running Win 7

Question asked by paul.haakma on Oct 27, 2015
Latest reply on Nov 2, 2015 by paul.haakma

Hi all


Just a note, we tried installing an app on some Panasonic Toughbooks yesterday, model CF-C2, running Windows 7 Professional 64bit, and the app crashed whenever the PositionSource was set to active. These devices did not have any GPS chip.


I remember in Beta 3 that any Windows 10 device did the same (and seems to have been fixed in Beta 4), but these are Win 7 so a bit puzzled why it would crash completely. The same code in other devices without GPS chips running various incarnations of Win 7 hasn't crashed them.


Any comments or suggestions about what could be happening would be appreciated.