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Add kml objects and aerial photos to Scene

Question asked by rosie_as on Oct 28, 2015
Latest reply on Jun 27, 2016 by philipogorman

I have following situation:


WPF control which contains ArcGIS Scene is embedded in WinForm application.

I need to show georeferenced video frames on ArcGIS Scene. WPF control with ArcGis Scene gets  KML data from several different threads in main app, via AddKMLObject(ourKMLObject), and DeleteObject(id) methods.

Update is received several times per second.


The only way I've found for adding aerial photos on the scene was creating local KMLfile which contains GroundOverlay, and after that creating of KMLLayer using that file.

Update of the objects in this case is equal to removal of old layer, and adding new KML layer.


Adding layer with object is always successful. I have problem with removal of the KML layer: application crashes with access violation exception.


What is correct way to constantly add and remove KML ground overlay objects (or layers)?




What is proper way to show video frames (with given four corner) on ArcGIS Scene?