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WAB redirect_uri error 400 ...again

Question asked by Striewski on Oct 27, 2015
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I followed the instructions and tryed problem solving with Rebeccas tips but still no success with running the Web Application Builder v.1.2.

Machine is a personal computer, Win 7, browser Firefox or Chrome. My account is a free ArcGIS Dev. account.


Usually I work with the Story Map application and use XAMPP to test my stuff, The instruction is clear to register with the (full) computer name, say: "uxxxxxx". No Domain but Workgroup "WORKGROUP". Redirection URIs would be:


In AGOL: My Content/ Add Item / An Application / URL:



Redirect URI:

http://uxxxxxx and https:uxxxxxx


Portal URI:


Still getting the 400 when suppling the client ID ... what am I doing wrong? Tried with both browsers, deleting the signininfo.json, reinstalling WAB. Are the URIs correct? Can I use WAB with the free / trial dev account?


Any help on this topic is much appreciated!