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Lost in security settings. SSL / Proxies / Web Adaptors, oh my!

Question asked by MegPeterson on Oct 27, 2015
Latest reply on Nov 10, 2015 by MegPeterson

Hi all -


As someone who came up working with data and maps and is now charged with deployment and security, I find myself feeling lost under the hood. Can someone refer me to any beginners documentation on how everything actually works together?


I've installed Portal for ArcGIS behind our firewall for web map development and am using WAB Dev. Edition for app creation for our staff's internal use. But in the near future I will also need to deploy applications hosted by Amazon for the general public, and I'm trying to understand the security and deployment options for both scenarios.


As an example, I'm getting confused on the roles of the Web Adaptors, Proxies and SSL / CA certificates. I'm fine to follow the instructions for deployment, I just like to understand *why* things are set up the way they are.


Many thanks, Meg