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Search results in different projection than map

Question asked by jursachr_washco on Oct 26, 2015
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I have a Search object and event with the following code

var myEntryX = myEntryGeometry.x; 
var myEntryY = myEntryGeometry.y;
'<!>Your coords are \n' + myEntryX + ', ' + myEntryY + ', ' + myEntryGeometry.spatialReference.wkid); 


This yields

<!>Your coords are
-8933519.29722678, 4889517.50769742, 102100

I noticed my spatial reference for this data is 102100, which is WGS 1984.  However, this data is being returned with coordinates in meters.


I have data available in 4326, which is WGS 1984 in decimal degrees.  This is also the reference for my layers and map.


Can I get the search object results in 4326, which has the xy coordinates in decimal degrees?


Thanks in advance!