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Rainfall animation

Question asked by chirag601 on Oct 26, 2015
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I am working on animating rainfall data based on time series. We have 15 min NRT (Near Real Time) rainfall data stored in Oracle. And we have Rain Grid polygon (35000 records) data stored in Enterprise Geodatabase. The use cases are based on following time frames.


             15 minute data for the past 6 hours,

             1 hour data for the past 24 hours,  

             3 hour data for the past 3 days,

             6 hour data for the past 7 days,

             1 day data for the past 30 days,


I am using ArcGIS API for JavaScript and it's Time Slider control to filter and render data based on above time series.For each above time frame we have a temp table and I have created spatial view using RainGrid layer and temp table and publish it as a map service so I can consume it using arcgis js web app.



Due to high volume of data (500K+), I am seeing poor performance and it take lots of time to render. Does anyone has better approach or any tips to improve performance?


Appreciate any response.