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GPService timeout

Question asked by mcastrofol on Oct 27, 2015

We have published a GPService in ArcGIS Server 10.3.1 to publish a map service from a mxd and then create a map cache and tiles based on this examples and


The process is successfull when the time to complete the task takes little time, but when it´s quite long (about 48 hours) a timeout error is displayed and the process ends as "failed".


SEVERE     25/10/2015 17:42:18     Error getting job resource Error handling service request :Service startup timeout.

SEVERE     25/10/2015 17:40:45     Failed to construct instance of service 'publishAndCacheTiles.GPServer'. Service startup timeout.


We set the maximum time a client can use a service parameter to 604800 (1 week)

Is there any way to make the gpservice can run for a long period of time without timeout error?


Thanks in advance