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AGSGDBFeatureServiceTable unable to update existing feature

Question asked by HrishiPol on Oct 23, 2015

Hi All,


I've create AGSGDBFeatureServiceTable and AGSFeatureTableLayer from given url.

Below is the code:

          AGSGDBFeatureServiceTable* fst = [[AGSGDBFeatureServiceTable alloc]initWithServiceURL:url credential:weakSelf.gdbTask.credential spatialReference:weakSelf.mapView.spatialReference];

          AGSFeatureTableLayer* ftLayer = [[AGSFeatureTableLayer alloc]initWithFeatureTable:fst];

          if([[fst.serviceURL absoluteString] isEqualToString:[[weakSelf.userInfo objectForKey:@"structureURL"] absoluteString]])


               [weakSelf.tiledLayer.mapView addMapLayer:ftLayer];



I'm able to see feature layer on map.


But when I'm trying to update any existing feature to AGSGDBFeatureServiceTable and commit my changes to arcgis server, I'm getting below error.


2015-10-23 19:19:15.572 TestApp[40839:325003] Error: Error Domain=NSCocoaErrorDomain Code=500 "Unable to complete operation." UserInfo=0x79a4a720 {NSURL=TestURL/0/applyEdits, responseJSON={

    error =     {

        code = 500;

        details =         (


        message = "Unable to complete operation.";


}, NSLocalizedDescription=Unable to complete operation.}


And when we tried to add new feature, we are able to add new feature and sync with arcgis server with AGSGDBFeatureServiceTable.


Thanks in advance.