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Can I host an WAB Developer app on AGOL?

Question asked by tfraser on Oct 21, 2015
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If I customize an app using WAB for Developer, can I host it on AGOL like one would host an app created with the non-dev version of WAB?


I am aware that customizing the out of the box WAB and templates is not a supported workflow but I have not found direct confirmation that apps customized in Developer cannot be hosted. That being said, I'm assuming they can't because all of the help materials I've found only discuss deployment to your own server. But they don't specifically say it's not possible and I'd like to know for sure.


The Add Items section suggests you can link to your custom app so users can access it though your account but "Adding an app to ArcGIS Online only adds a reference to your URL; the website does not actually store the app files." Which I think means I can link to the app on my server but I can't host. But again, I'm not sure if I can't add my app another way.


Background: I'm working for a non-profit that has little interest or budget for a server or cloud space beyond the ArcGIS organizational account they've already purchased. But they would like to make some customizations to the app we've created with the non-dev WAB. I'm self-taught at most things computer science with a little programming experience, so I have some idea how servers and such work but I'm getting in a bit over my head with this project.


If anyone can give me a definitive answer I'd much appreciate it. Thanks!!!