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synchronizing offline collector data to Oracle DB fails

Question asked by Bodegraven on Oct 22, 2015
Latest reply on Oct 28, 2015 by Bodegraven

Last year we had trouble synchronising collector app data which was registered offline on the Samsung tablet to our ArcGIS 10.2 Oracle spatial database (spatial format SDO_Geometry). A call was made. Later that year a new release of the Collector app was presented (10.3.1)  in which the synchronisation issue was (supposed to be) solved. We tried again but have to conclude that the synchronisation process from time to time still "hangs", and after that it is impossible to continue or restart the synchronisation process on that device. Also recovering the data is very complex. We found in the ArcGIS Server log: db_archive_update_lock_row: OCI Execute/Fetch Error (29902)


We did not find any info about the Oracle error ORA-29902  which we could relate to our problem either:

29902, 00000, "error in executing
ODCIIndexStart() routine"

// *Cause: The execution of
ODCIIndexStart routine caused an error.

// *Action: Examine the error messages
produced by the indextype code and

take appropriate action.


We would like to implement the offline functionality for production purposes as soon as possible.

We hope that someone can give us a thread to a solution.