Resricting access to one feature dataset in SDE

Discussion created by hoskinmi on Nov 16, 2010
Latest reply on Nov 20, 2010 by dlaw-esristaff
Hi all,

I'll just preface this question by saying that I'm not too good with SDE and SQL Server - I fiddle round the edges but I don't really understand it all too well.

We are using database authentication rather than our windows logins to connect to SDE (yes - I know thats not the recommended way of doing things but that is a whole other battle :) ) and we are using SDE9.2 and SQL Server 2005.

What I would like to do is create a user that can only see one feature dataset in our geodatabase and can only read the feature classes there, not edit.

I have managed to create the login and user etc in SQL Server and I've set the privileges in ArcCatalog to Select for that user only on the one feature dataset but when I create a connection to SDE using that user it can still see everything in our geodatabase.

Is it possible to do this?  If so can someone point me in the right direction?  If not, can someone put me out of my misery?

Thanks for your help,
Michele Hosking.