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Symbology for an unlimited number of polygons

Question asked by Lori.Koepsell on Oct 20, 2015
Latest reply on Oct 30, 2015 by Lori.Koepsell

I have an SQL database that I use in a geoprocessing service that is published to a web page.  The users on the webpage can add or delete points.  The SQL automatically assigns random numbers to those that are added so that each is unique.  The geoprocessing service creates a viewshed polygon based on user provided parameters.   The results are then displayed in the web viewer.  I am running into problems with symbolizing those polygons.  My first attempt was to user Layer Properties and the Symbology Tab choosing Categories and Unique Values.  I added in values using "Add Values".  I added in values to 100.  That works fine as long as the random number stays lower than 100.  What I have been finding is that the SQL  is really random and I have gotten numbers in the 10, 100's and now 1000's.  I can probably hand add all those in but even then I can't be sure that the numbers automatically assigned won't be 5000's.  How can I set the symbology to be unique to the randomly assigned number yet not have to worry about "Add Values" .   Thanks for any help on this. -Lori