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ArcScan- correct raster format

Question asked by amyhager on Oct 20, 2015
Latest reply on Oct 20, 2015 by YPotawsky-esristaff

I am attempting to use batch vectorization on a contour map. I am able to vectorize but unable to cleanup the raster.


I have a georeferenced raster file in a TIFF format modified into grayscale with 2 classified colors. The file is a 32 bit pixel depth and the pixel type is an unsigned integer. There is 1 band.


Originally I had a georeferenced layer with 3 bands, TIFF format, 16 bit pixel depth, and an unsigned integer.


I believe the issue is that the format of my 2 color modified image is incorrect.


How do I correctly modify my original tiff image to have a version that is compatible with raster processing/ cleanup?