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Is it possible to change the display order of the related tables ?

Question asked by simo Champion on Oct 20, 2015
Latest reply on Mar 27, 2017 by jaraine

It seems the related tables will be shown in the order of how the relationship classes are defined in ArcCatalog. and once the relationship classes are defined, there is no easy way to re-order it on the client side (ArcMap, WebMap)!  you have to delete all the relationship classes and re-create the relationship classes in your desired display order for Collector(Webmap) or ArcMap.


I have multiple layers with multiple relationship classes respectively, and I found this is a tedious process to re-order the relationship classes in order to get the right display order in Collector.


I believe there must be a good reason for not to allow users to change the order of he relationship classes in the Geodatabase, but I also believe there should be a better way to change the order of the display on the client side...