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Mosaic Dataset Footprints - As Built

Question asked by gnewburyiv on Oct 20, 2015
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Was wondering if there are any stock tools or if anyone has written custom python code for exporting the footprints of a mosaic dataset as they would be assembled in the final mosaic at a given scale. My use case is overlapping imagery and elevation data taken at over a multi year period. i have the mosaic dataset configured to display the latest imagery on top and I'm using the MD to export a finished tile set, exported tiles are 0.01 deg x 0.01 deg in JPG2000 format. The idea being that a user could take this tileset for general mapping purposes and not need to worry about the individual imagery and elevation files that went into creating it.


However, I'd also like a vector dataset of the footprints to ride with the tileset so that an interested user could get a lineage of the data, i.e. the date of the original data and the original file name. I wrote my own tool to export the footprints, stack, and flatten them to get a latest on top feature class, but a built in tool would be preferred.


Any ideas would be appreciated.



George Newbury

Alexandria, VA