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Adding Photos to Collector (iPad and Android

Question asked by cgoessl on Oct 19, 2015
Latest reply on Oct 29, 2015 by miaogeng_zhang-esristaff

Hello everyone,

I am have created a map that downloads the data from our services. I am able to downloaded the maps from our secure connection, make changes to the data (add/edit/delete) the information in the field, and sync'd back when the person is logged into our secure network.


The feature service does have GlobalID field, is the service does "Create, Delete, Query, Sync, and Updates" checked under the Feature Access.


Here are the issues:

The photos are not downloading to be viewable in the field when disconnected from the Secured network. I am able to see it on our internal flexviewer application, but not when I download the data onto the collector application.


I am unable to attach a photo to the feature while out in the field. I have researched and changed everything that I can. I am able to attach a photo from the within ArcGIS Online Map using the edit feature, but that kind of defeats the point of collecting the data in the field.


The error that I am getting when I attempt to add a photo on Collector "Unable to post to field" on iPAD and Android i get "Posting Attachments...." but nothing happens.


Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.

Chris Goessl