AnsweredAssumed Answered is leaving dirty areas behind, why?

Question asked by sernst on Oct 17, 2015
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We have the following process (running on a 10.3.1 SQL SDE database from a 10.3.1 client):


Using python:


Step 1.  Truncate the roads feature class in Database B.

Step 2.  Append the roads features into Database B from Database A (the source).

Step 3.  Run on our network dataset in Database B.


The network uses the roads, restricted turns, and that's about it (no elevation or anything else).


The network sometimes rebuilds fine, and sometimes has dirty areas in the entire extent of the roads feature class.  This only happens from python, running from ArcCatalog, it consistently builds correctly.


Also, running on a network in a File GDB works correctly.


Anyone else experienced this behavior?  Any ideas as to the cause?