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Simplify building with orthogonal angles  aka creating rectangular building outlines

Question asked by lygismav on Oct 16, 2015
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Our LiDAR data included a polygon building footprints.  unfortunately the building footprints look more like blobs than actual building footprints.  I would like to know if there is a way to convert the blobs into a generalized building footprint such that:


  1. All of the angles within a single building are at 90 degree angles.
  2. The entire building may be rotated if necessary - if the building itself is rotated like in the image below
  3. The building should not include any noise out of the predominant footprint.  The highlighted areas in the image below should be removed.


Please note:  I am not necessarily looking for "accurate" footprints.  Instead I just footprints that (without any air photos turned on) look like they possibly could be building footprints.




Image 1.  Building footprints in purple.  The building simplify and polygon simplify tasks help create nicer looking polygons but fail to create rectangular polygons that users would otherwise expect.