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Collector doesn't work with attachments when ArcGIS server use Web tier authentication. Any plans to make it work?

Question asked by AgroGisAdministrator on Oct 16, 2015
Latest reply on Jan 15, 2017 by AgroGisAdministrator

I use Collector and I can't attach files to my layer because of that:

Secure services
ArcGIS Online supports ArcGIS Server authentication (not Web Tier authentication) for adding and accessing secure services. When you add a secure ArcGIS Server service to a map, ArcGIS Online prompts you for credentials every time you access the service. Credentials are not stored in the map. ArcGIS Online takes care of obtaining a token for authentication; there is nothing additional you need to do. You should not attempt to append a token to the URL when you add a service to a map.


Is there any action for getting it work with Web tier authentication? Collector now is useless, because of that.