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Network Analysis service area, cutoff polygon layer

Question asked by ld_Mobi on Oct 15, 2015
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I am trying to do a service area using my own solver.

My problem is that when I create a polygon with different cutoff in a polygon layer I can't find how to make the same kind of layer in service area of Network Analysis with one color for each polygon in the layer.

I'm creating my polygon like this :

                    var newPolygon = PolygonBuilder.CreatePolygon(ringCoordinate, spatialref);
                    createOperation.Create(polygonFeatureLayer, newPolygon);

                    return createOperation.ExecuteAsync();


Here is my current result (2 polygons in the polygons layer) :


And here the result of a service area analysis that I wish to have (3 polygons in the polygons layer) :


Note the difference with the polygons layer.

Thank you for your help.


Edit :

The polygons created in the first image are created using an add-in that I made with the SDK .Net and it use the part of code that I provided.

The polygons in the second image are created using the analysis button of Network Analysis.

What I'm looking for is the function in the SDK .Net that allow me to give different color for each polygon in the polygons layer.

It seems that my question was misunderstood and I hope that it is now more understandable.