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NumberTextBox glitch?

Question asked by lkoumis on Oct 15, 2015
Latest reply on Oct 15, 2015 by lkoumis

I created a coordinate widget that has two text boxes to accept the long and lat from the user.


I used the dijit/form/NumberTextBox.


At first, I didn't use any constraints but it seems it would not display any numbers with more than 3 decimal places!


Then, I introduced the constraints and specify decimal places.


With the constrainsts, the NumberTextBox will display more than 3 decimal places but it prompts that this is not a numeric value!!!


What am I doing wrong?




<input id="longitude" type="text"


    name= "long"



    data-dojo-props="constraints:{min:-900000000000,max:900000000000,places:10}, invalidMessage:'Please enter a numeric value.'" />