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Updating data source in WebApp Builder wipes out queries, etc.

Question asked by tturo on Oct 15, 2015
Latest reply on Oct 29, 2015 by tturo

Hi All,

Is anyone out there using webapp builder to build dashboard summaries of their AGOL data?  The problem I am having is that I often have to create a new version of the same layer so that I can strip off the photos.  This makes the layer perform better in collector with the syncs, etc.  When I am in my webapp and I set the source data to reference the newest layer (it has a new name, like Layer2), it wipes out all my query arguments, charts, searches, etc.  This is such a hassle to have to recreate each of those.  I had hoped the template function would let me save my file structure with all those arguments, but the template is not intended to work that way.  Publishing the service over the original, using the same name, would likely solve my webapp problem, but generates various other data problems for my collector usage.  Is anyone else doing this, and have you found a work around?  The wepapps are a great way to share the results with managers over our internal webpage, and I really like them.  I just don't love having to rebuild it every two weeks.

Thanks for your ideas.