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WAB Time Slider Widget - Time Extent Issue

Question asked by daniel.stoelb on Oct 15, 2015
Latest reply on May 30, 2017 by CarmellaBurdi

Has anyone noticed any issues with the time extent not updating with a live feed service?  For example, I'm using one of the ESRI live feeds out there (LiveFeeds/NDFD_WindGust (MapServer)) and I can adjust all of the time settings in the time slider by enabling the time animation.  Keep in mind that this feed displays what the next 72 hours will look like.  It will then register the proper date and time extent based upon when I loaded that initially into the web map (for example, I loaded it in yesterday and it shows that day clear through Thursday).  I also have it set to automatically refresh the data every 3 hours (roughly the update schedule for that data layer).  I figured that this would refresh the data and display the new time extents.  However, when I load this into the WAB as the base web map, it still shows the original time extent - causing issues for those that want to see what the next three days look like.  I'm wondering if the data isn't refreshing properly in the web map, or if it is something else entirely.