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Using Team Foundation Server Source Control for ArcGIS Desktop and Pro Projects

Question asked by on Oct 15, 2015
Latest reply on Nov 26, 2015 by mdickie

Hello All,


Has anyone tried to use TFS Source Control to backup their GIS desktop projects?  I am using TFS but I think any Source Control solution may have the same issue. 


We have implemented TFS for development projects at my organization.  As part of the TFS team, I thought it worth having some level of version control with my projects and data.  I have been avidly using ArcGIS Pro for the past while with FGDBs so thought it was a good place to start with backing up the Pro project folder.  I wasn't looking to do anything fancy, just to check out and check back in.  Unfortunately, there was a problem that looks to be more of an issue with how the FGDB works and TFS.  When I went to check in in a project which had changed, the process stopped when it hit missing index files in the FGDB.  It looks like the Index folder has files which update, ones that are deleted, and ones that are created.  Thus we are no longer talking about a simple check in/check out.  We would need to know what files are deleted and what files are added. 


Does anyone have a suggestion on how to get around this?  Does Esri have a solution other than upgrading to an SDE instance?  I like the idea of packaging the files and data together so I can restore to a point.  This would also put a restore process in place which would not require file system tape restores from our enterprise backup solution.  Additionally, most of the human elements would also be removed.


The main option I see would be to use the package tool within Pro to package the project but that has its downsides also. 


Any help would be greatly appreciated!!!