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Differentiate polygons by area

Question asked by areiner88 on Oct 13, 2015
Latest reply on Oct 14, 2015 by iamurray

For a school project I am using GIS to perform a site suitability analysis for wind turbines in my state. To find suitable sites I identified all those sites that are unsuitable. The difference between the state base map and the unsuitable layer (created using soils, slopes, land cover, conservation land, and buffers around developed land, water, and roads) will provide me with potentially suitable sites. The addition of a wind data layer will follow.


I merged my unsuitable criteria into one single layer and have isolated the potentially suitable sites from that. However, the polygons that are suitable are all considered one polygon. How can I differentiate them? I want to be able to identify them based on an ID number, what town they're in, and most importantly, their area. How can I separate this polygon into its individual, unconnected pieces, and have an area assigned to each?


Thank you!