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How to reference to Offline map & tiles from ArcGIS SDK in Java

Question asked by erohan on Oct 14, 2015
Latest reply on Oct 27, 2015 by nita14

Hi all,


I developed a simple GIS module through using the ArcGIS SDK on Java with these features :


- Map : Map options, Map coordinates

- Toolkit : Navigator, Overviewmap, Drawing overlay

- Graphics layers : Select graphics, Draw graphics

- Geometry : Line length

- Routing and navigation : GPS layer, Advanced GPS info


Everything is working well in online mode. But at production stage there will be no internet connection at client side.

So, how can i refer to a SATELLITE or NATIONAL_GEOGRAPHIC or STREETS etc. version of a map on local machine while serving the features listed above also?


For example this code zoom to Turkey at Level-6 through online server's of Esri. 

MapOptions mapOptions = new MapOptions(MapType.STREETS, 39.0000, 32.0000, 5); // Turkey wt. zoom level 6


I guess two solutions but i couldn't find the reference mechanism on Java side.


Option-1 : Prepare a custom map on ArcGIS Desktop software and export the map and tiles info to a folder. Then refer to this folder.

Option-2 : Download a pre-built map from ArcGIS web site (For example Turkey NATIONAL_GEOGRAPHIC map) with its tiles. Then install a ArcGIS server on client side and load the map & tiles to map server. At last give reference to to access it.


Does anybody have opinion about this?


Best regards,