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Question regarding symbology layer overlay

Question asked by bikingman on Oct 13, 2015
Latest reply on Oct 13, 2015 by dkwiens

Hello everyone, I hope that you all may help me with a question I have regarding symbology layer overlay.

I have 36 tiles of DEM data that together make a regional frame of raster data that I'm working with to build a trail map. I want the final map to show a sense of elevation change by color ramp style and hillshade (also contour lines, but that's not in question right now). I've established the color ramp style and hillshade value for one tile that I'd like to impose onto all other tiles.


Is there a tool or method to overlay the symbology layer saved from the primary tile onto all tiles, at once, rather than importing the symbology layer onto each tile, one at a time.

Below is an image of what I'm working with. DEM data question.jpg