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Incorrect DCAT output on the data.json endpoint

Question asked by amercader on Oct 13, 2015
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I'm a member of the CKAN maintainers team and I'm using the DCAT extension to import datasets from an ArcGIS Open Data instance from a client (following roughly these steps). This essentially uses the data.json endpoint:



I've noticed that some the URLs for the different distributions or resources for the datasets were not imported correctly, and found that the key for `accessURL` in some of the distributions is wrong:


distribution": [


    "@type": "dcat:Distribution",
    "title": "CSV",
    "format": "CSV",
    "mediaType": "text/csv",
    "downloadUrl": ""


    "@type": "dcat:Distribution",
    "title": "KML",
    "format": "KML",
    "mediaType": "application/",
    "downloadUrl": ""


        "@type": "dcat:Distribution",
        "title": "Shapefile",
        "format": "ZIP",
        "mediaType": "application/zip",
        "downloadURL": ""



Note `accessUrl` on eg KML vs `accessURL` on the shapefile. The DCAT standard is clear on what the correct case is so I think that's a bug on the ArcGIS side.


Is this something that can be fixed on future versions? If so what sort of timeline can be expected?


Many thanks