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Problems with the Windows 8.1 platform

Question asked by Prof25 on Oct 12, 2015
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I am working with the windows 8.1 platform on my ASUS laptop. I am also using ArcMap 10.3. Three different times during the last six months my laptop has begun to have an increasing number of file management problems to the point that I have had to bring the laptop in to get it fixed. The file management problems have never seemed to be related to the use of ArcMap.


The tech has had to remove all of the software and re-install windows. I have then had to re-install all of the other software including ArcMap 10.3. The tech has never found any viruses or other unwanted files. He has only found that a number of the windows files have be corrupted.


The tech has suggested that the problem might be related to my Kaspersky combination internet security/anti-virus software. He has recommended an anti-virus only program for protection. I am now considering what to do. The problem has repeatedly set me back on my map making.


Any suggestions?