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Question asked by bkaplan_OGES on Oct 9, 2015
Latest reply on Oct 12, 2015 by HFerrier-esristaff

So I gather that using external_choices requires a choice_filter.  The Esri example uses a US example of State, County, and City.  This is great example.  However, I'm working in an African country.  While there are equivalent designations of Admin 1, Admin 2, and city, it is sometimes the case that the link between village and Admin 1 and Admin 2 is not well known or there is conflicting information about the location of the village.  So I would like to provide a dropdown of ALL the villages.  Because this list is larger >500, I would like to use external choices.  But how do I set it up with the choice_filter.  I could do it by country but the choice would be only one country for one list and a second country (neighboring country) for another list.  I prefer they didn't have to choose the country as I would like to set it by default and not let them see this.  The country name is set in the Label.


In the choice filter, can I use this country = "Guinea" instead of country = ${country}?  I tried this and a few alternative syntax's but I didn't find one that worked.  Is there a correct syntax for this?


Or can I set up a survey question with a default answer and have it not appear?


Or is there another way or other ideas?