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Future Properties, Methods, and Events in 4.0

Question asked by mlakey on Oct 9, 2015
Latest reply on Oct 19, 2015 by KEkenes-esristaff

I was able to take some time over the last few weeks to investigate the new 4.0 beta.  While I realize that 4.0 is in the initial beta phase and has limited functionality, it is pretty obvious that the API has been substantially overhauled between 3.x and 4.0.  Some changes are largely syntactical, but others - especially those changes relating to Map and Layers - require a rethinking of how a mapping application is constructed.  Before my project starts to consider how to rearchitect its current application, I was hoping to get a good read on what constructs may be supported in future betas and the final release of 4.0.  What follows are several "groupings" of API functionality that I have heavily leveraged in the 3.x versions of the API, but do not appear to be supported in 4.0 Beta 1.


  1. Map navigation methods (pan, zoom, center, etc.) - Are we to expect that the 3.x map navigation functions will be performed by equivalent 4.0 properties, such as MapView.zoom and .center?
  2. Keyboard methods (ex: enable/disablePan, enable/disableClickRecenter) - I have used these methods to limit user input in some circumstances.  There appear to be no analogous methods to manage keyboard input in 4.0.
  3. Map events - Previous versions of the JS API were very event driven.  In 4.0, it appears that this event-like functionaltiy is done by watching properties.  Many of the 3.x events have similar properties in 4.0, and these can be used to perform the same function, but the ability to respond to mouse and keyboard actions seems very limited in 4.0.  Events do exist in Beta 1, but they are very limited in number and scope.  Are there plans to expand the number of events in future betas, or perhaps to add analogous properties to manage mouse/keyboard actions?


Any insignt from the Esri developers out there would be greatly appreciated