A network of many

Discussion created by frobchen on Oct 8, 2015

The T3G 2015 Institute gave me a shot of confidence and a belief that each one of us can make a difference, and that most people care.


I shared a little bit about ArcGIS Online with a colleague, who teaches US History and photography (middle school).  I teach Earth Science, Life Science Honors and Anatomy and Physiology/Forensics.  My colleague has a Masters in Educational Technology. 


We spent about 25 minutes together on a Teacher Wednesday (early release for teachers to work).  The following Wednesday is Principal Wednesday.  My colleague was interested in maps of colonial America.  We searched a bit, but nothing exciting was found.


I emailed my Geomentor, Veronica Rojas, for help. Veronica sent many links, which I forwarded to my colleague.


Today, I received an email from my colleague, the heading was "GIS".  I was excited.  There was a picture of students working with a map on their iPads.  The photo captured the interest of her students.


I wrote back, curious about what the students were working on.  She used one of the links that Veronica had emailed a week or two ago.


My colleague also made a map for the first time.


What a network:  T3G15


It was a good day!


Thank you!