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Arcmap 10.2.2 crashes when I perform a spatial join

Question asked by ymabdala on Oct 8, 2015
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I am trying to perform a spatial join between a polygon shapefile of about 27 records representing weather stations area cover (created from a buffer of a point shapefile) and a polygon shapefile representing farm areas with a field (of type double) having the area of each record for a total of 92302 records (created from raster conversion)


I am just interested in the total area of farms contained inside each of the buffer polygons of the weather stations, so I used a spatial join with buffered weather stations as the "target layer" and the other farm area polygon shapefile as the "join layer" through a "JOIN_ONE_TO_ONE" procedure, I just included the area field from the farm areas polygon with a "merge rule of sum" and removed the other fields of this join layer from the "Field Map of Join Features window". I chose the "completely contains" as the match option.


I tried putting all the input layers inside a geodatabase and saved the output inside the same geodatabase but it was the same problem,

I get an error If I keep the background geoprocessing option enabled, and ArcMap crashes if I disable background geoprocessing.

When disabling the background geoprocessing it always crash when it is performing "Final selection step".

I should mention that the buffer polygon shapefile for the weather stations have some overlapping/intersecting records. I am not sure but this isn't supposed to be the cause of this problem.


I don't think the problem was a result of too many records to process problem, because I created two small shapefiles to mimic the process and test it but got the same error.


Attached is a zipped file for the geodatabase containing the files I used.


My operating system is windows 8.1, 64-bit, have 6gb rams, intel core i5 -4200m @ 2.5ghz, using a student version ArcMap 10.2.2