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Adding Multiple Images to display through HTML pop-up

Question asked by meagani on Oct 7, 2015
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I'm trying to create a map file that we can use to view sequential images, side by side of vegetation over time. The issue I am facing at the moment is only the first image I attach will show up as a thumbnail in the pop up box. To view the second image I have to click on the hyperlink which opens up some sort of arc image viewer (only scroll bars and a close button). The most important thing here is to have the ability to open up multiple images at one time that are all attached to the same point file. The picture below is sort of what I'm trying to do, but if there is someway to view thumbnails of each attached image in the single HTML pop up that would be handy. Even if someone knows of a way that I am able to scroll through the images using arrows or the like. I hope this makes sense what I'm trying to do. Thank you

image of intended outcome.JPG