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How to troubleshoot ArcGIS Server error code 10837: general geodatabase error

Question asked by jebu23 on Oct 7, 2015
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We are running ArcGIS Server 10.3 and trying to deploy several Operational Views using Operations Dashboard which all suffer from a problem related to errors when trying to execute statistic queryies.


Whenever the operations view executes the statistics query, or when we use the MapServer/layerId/query rest endpoint to attempt a statistics query we get the 'Operation could not be completed' error message and in our server logs for the service we get the 10837 general geodatabase error code with the descriptive and highly helpful 'general geodatabase error' message.


Our services are using query layers on Oracle 11gR2 and I'm pretty sure statistics on query layers is supported.  The service endpoint 'supportsStatistics' parameter is true.


Is there any way to log the actual SQL statement sent to the database?  The query layers are built on views inside oracle and knowing what SQL is being sent to the database would be highly useful.


Are there any other suggestions for troubleshooting this?