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Using AppStudio for creating an Damage-Finder-App

Question asked by derwaldmensch on Oct 8, 2015
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Hello People out there,


I have a question about the general features of Esris AppStudio for ArcGis, currently in BETA-Phase.


I work fo a company dealing with all sorts of ArcGis Online Services for Communitys an Towns in Germany.


The current project is to design an app for a town. The main purpose of the app should be, that residents

of the town are able to report damages (e.g. broken streetlamps, trash lying around, graffiti and so on)

directly via app to muncipality so that the repair progress can begin without delay.


You can find a similar system right here.


I tried to use the QuickReport Template in Appstudio combined with the DamageAssement Feature Service , this one., for testing purposes.


In General it looks like something I could work with, although some necessary items are missing. Please read the following List of features the

App should provide and tell me if this is possible. Im thankful for every hint.



Following functions the app should provide:


  • Taking Pictures of the Reported Damage (included in the Quick Report Template)


  • Inserting the following Information: Name and Surename and E-Mail adress of the reporter, Description of Damage, Locationof Damage (district, street name and street number), Type of Damage (via Dropdown or something)


  • Picking the damaged place on a web map with a marker. These markes should change colours depending on if the problem has been solved, repair is in progress or the problem is reported. These markers should also be visible for all users of the App. This should avoid redundant reportings of the same problem.


  • After reporting the damage an E-Mail should be send to one or more receivers within the muncipality automatically contaning the type and place of the Problem and if attached a photo of the scene. (very important)



Well as I said I' new to this and I have no Idea if this will work in the way I want it to. So feel free to give opinions or hints.


Thank you in advance