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WebApp changes within the Builder are not applied to the "Final"-WebApp

Question asked by Thomas_Gis_Roth on Oct 7, 2015
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Hi alls,


i created a WebApp with a Query Widget - everything worked fine until i had to change the title within the "Box Controller"


What happend?


My WebApp within the WebApp-Builder (btw. does it autosave the settings now? - I am not able to press the "Speichern (Save)" Button anymore). The red circle within the upper-right corner is showing my "problem". Within the Web-App Builder i put there the title "Kindertagesstätten". Everything is fine. Builder tells me that everything is (auto?)saved. I changed the text within the "Attribut" (Branding) Option



If i do a preview to see how everything will look like on a mobile device - everything is fine.


Now the problem - when i start the application out of the Builder, i will get the following (the text within the red circle is the text which was in there before i changed it to Kindertagesstätten:



Here is the direct link to the application: ArcGIS Web Application


I tried alot (cleaning my cache, using different browsers to configure) and i really do not want to rebuiled the whole Application. Does anyone know if this is a bug?


Maybe someone can help me.


Thanks in advice and best regards,




P.S: I think it is a bug and the reason could be, that it is not possible (for me) to save my changes within the "Box Design" Theme anymore. Question is why???


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