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Custom widget settings - layerInfos class help

Question asked by AndyEgleton on Oct 7, 2015
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I'm new to the web app builder and JavaScript and I'm having a small problem with the settings page of my custom widget.


I have 2 selection boxes listing the feature layers that are in the map, allowing the user to pick two of the layers in the map for use in my widget. The problem I have is on first loading the settings page, the chosen layers from the widgets config file are not being selected in the selection boxes.

When opening the settings page a second time it displays the chosen layers in the selection boxes with no problems.


I'm assuming this has something to do with timing as the layerInfos class is deferred?

I think that means the selection boxes don't have any options when the settings from the config file are applied, so there are no options to select. How can I wait for the selection boxes to be fully populated before applying the settings from the config file?


If it helps, my current code is run in postCreate:

postCreate: function() {
  //var opts = this._getLayerList();


Which gets a list of feature layers:

_getLayerList: function() {
  // Get the feature layer names...
  var lyrOptions = [];

  LayerInfos.getInstance(,,function(layerInfosObject) {
       layerInfosObject.traversal(lang.hitch(this,function(layerInfo) {
            layerInfo.getLayerType().then(lang.hitch(this,function(type) {
                 if (type == "FeatureLayer") {
                      lyrOptions.push( { value: layerInfo.title, label: layerInfo.title } );

  //return lyrOptions;


And the list of layers in then used to populate the selection boxes:

_makeSelects: function(lyrOptions) {
  // Create selection lists
  var sel1 = new Select({
       id: "selectOpportunity",
       emptyLabel: " -- Choose a Map layer -- ",
       options: lyrOptions
  var sel2 = new Select({
  id: "selectRestricted",
  emptyLabel: " -- Choose a Map layer -- ",
       options: lyrOptions


The problem is, setConfig is happening before the seletion boxes have any options, so my chosen options are not being selected the first time the settings page is opened:

setConfig: function(config) {
  // Load settings from the config file
  this.config = config;

  // Set select value from config
  if (config.opportunityLayer !== undefined) {
  dijit.byId('selectOpportunity').set('value', config.opportunityLayer);
  if (config.restrictedLayer !== undefined) {
  dijit.byId('selectRestricted').set('value', config.restrictedLayer);