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Question asked by frizgolf on Oct 7, 2015
Latest reply on Oct 26, 2015 by frizgolf

Hi. Recently got an upgrade to 10.3. I am editing parcels in Parcel Fabric, and I noticed something missing from 10.2.

There is no longer an option to create New In Group. This means that I can no longer join a group of parcels in one fell swoop. I can use Construction, but the advantage of New In Group was to see closure and acreage on each new parcel.
Now, if I need to create a series of parcels adjacent to one another, it seems I must join them in one by one instead of as a group. And the Parcel Explorer names each parcel 1 by default, so one must think to rename each new parcel as it's made. New In Group used to name them sequentially for you.


Where did it go? What is the suitable replacement in 10.3?