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Non-GIS Developers

Question asked by bokeefe on Oct 7, 2015
Latest reply on Oct 8, 2015 by AndrewsColeL

Greetz All,


I am wondering if anyone in this group started our doing web maps without any GIS background?

  • What kinds of pitfalls did you find?
  • What kind of issues did you face?
  • Would you have gone that direction had you known the obstacles ahead of time?


I've been developing GIS applications for several years in multiple environments and I've heard it said (recently) that we should let our Web Development personnel handle the WAB and started doing these applications. All I can think is, what happens when they need to adjust annotations, layer configurations, featureclasses that aren't in the right projections, etc. All of those things that I understand and can bypass days of research because I work in the industry make these things less of an obstacle and more of a speed bump.


Just trying to get the opinions of others doing this?


Am I dead wrong? Has ESRI created the perfect tool for non-developers to craft GIS-ready maps? Or is that pie-in-the-sky thinking?


What's your $0.02 worth on this?