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Mosaic to new raster - resample during output

Question asked by BTLeslie on Oct 6, 2015
Latest reply on Oct 12, 2015 by GUpchurch-esristaff


I am applying a blend to a mosaic dataset that contain two rasters with differing resolutions. I am then outputting the blended image to a tiff.


When I view the mosaic dataset in Arc it looks super smooth and super cool because I have used chosen:

Resample during display = Bilinear Interpolation


However when I "Mosaic to new raster" to output my tiff, the Bilinear Interpolation is not used and the lower resolution portions of output look really blocky and uncool.


Is there a way to output my tif using Bilinear Interpolation? - to have to resample my source image before adding it to the mosaic seems crazy because it will create, what seems to me to be, unnecessary steps and an extra unnecessary large file on my system.

The environment setting for pyramids does not have the desired effect.