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Updating Desktop layers from Collector field data

Question asked by le-ax on Oct 6, 2015
Latest reply on Oct 9, 2015 by le-ax

If I was to gather a new GPS point of a hydrant in the field using Collector, how do I add that point and field data to my local data base? I'm looking for a solution that was/is similar to when you would check data back in when using ArcPad. I want my local .mxd file to be updated with the new information from the field, but I do not want my local layers being pulled from the cloud. We are not always connected to the internet and when we are it is slow. I was told this could be done by going to "My Hosted Services" and that map change services would update the field changes to the local drive. This was called "change management". I don't see anywhere under "My Hosted Services" that I can complete this task and I can't find anything termed "change management" that relates to this topic.