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Arcpy - Updating FC2 with FC1 updates/changes

Question asked by timdunlevie on Oct 5, 2015
Latest reply on Oct 7, 2015 by fallingdog

hi all,


OK here's what I want to do...


I have 2 Feature Classes.


One is the main Feature Class which resides in a Geodatabase which I want to update - call it "FC_main"


The other Feature Class resides in a FGDB which gets new updated metadata & new/modified objects from an export from another database - "FC_new"


Both FC's have the same schema ([fieldID], [field1], [field2], [field3], [field4], [field5]). Both have a matching unique ID field (fieldID).


Using arcpy is it possible to compare the 2 FCs, update any metadata differences, add new objects, update any changed spatial locations ?


I've been playing around with lists, search cursors ,update cursors and can do parts of this, but not all. My scripting is pretty limited.

The main problem I have are the existing objects when they have coordinate changes. These don't seem to update.


Just need to be put onto the right path and the steps to go about coding all this into 1 script.

Arc 10.2.


Many thanks,