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ICommandItem Issue

Question asked by saurabh18.cs on Oct 5, 2015
Latest reply on Oct 7, 2015 by saurabh18.cs

Hello Everyone,


I am facing small issue in arcobject programming, please help me out from this.


I am using below function to activate editor toolbar

internal void OpenCommandItem(string strUID)


            UID pAttributeEditorUID = new UID();

            pAttributeEditorUID.Value = strUID;

            IMxDocument pmxDoc = ArcMap.Document;

            IDocument pDoc = (IDocument)pmxDoc;

            ICommandBars pCmdBars = pDoc.CommandBars;

            ICommandItem pCommItem = pCmdBars.Find(pAttributeEditorUID, false, false);





parameter value is : esriArcMapUI.EditingToolbarCommand


Now, When i am closing the arcmap without closing editor toolbar and next time i use same function to activate it , actually it is hiding toolbar that time. It is only working in scenario when i am closing editor toolbar manually before closing arcmap. Please suggest .